1982 Avalon String Band Reorganization

Harry Lawson formed the 12th Ward String Band on May 11th, 1938, but as of 1944, the band had rebranded itself as the Avalon String Band. However, after so many years of financial distress and mediocre finishes, Avalon disbanded. It was on March 23, 1982, when a brave group of men (some still marching with us today), took a shot on a then-struggling group, and Avalon was reborn. The band has continued to have great success, finishing in the top ten all but three times since the reorganization. 

Throughout the years, Avalon has been fortunate enough to play all over the world, which included stops in New Orleans, Dublin, and Sicily. More notably, the band has also had the privilege to play at Governor Ed Rendell’s Inaugural Ball, as well as the Presidential Inaugural Parade for Bill Clinton – an honor that very few bands can say they hold. 

The reorganization, along with our continued success would not have been possible without the help and support of the membership, our families, and the guidance of our leadership. If you’d like to reach an officer to learn more about the band, email 

Below is a list of our 2022 officers:

President: Ken White, Sr.
Vice President: Bobby Coyle
Treasurer: Mike Spivak
Financial Secretary: Glenn Bird
Recording Secretary: Sean Crouch
Member at Large: Jerry Crompton, Jr.
Member at Large: Rob Eshelman

Member at Large: Tom Flynn, Sr.
Member at Large: Jim Tatar
Business Manager: Brad Carrea
Sergeant at Arms: Jim Ellison

Captain: Bobby Gagliardi
Music Director: Joe Urizillo, Jr.
Presentation Director: Jim Crompton

Theme Committee Chairman: Bill Rinnier, Sr.


Avalon String Band 1982 Appearance

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